Vindico Vita Vindivi is a vegan company that through different fronts, seeks to further the animal rights and vegan movements. We believe every sentient being on Earth should have the right to live.
Welcome To Vindivi

Our Mission

About Us

Founded by Connor Dickie


Welcome to Vindivi, where we are committed to spreading awareness about the harsh realities of animal agriculture and the pressing need to protect our planet. Our mission is to educate people through various platforms and strategies, ensuring that the message reaches as many individuals as possible. We are passionate about what we do, and our aim is to provide you with valuable information without being judgmental. Join us in our quest to make a difference and be a part of the solution. Let’s preserve our planet for generations to come.


We have set up three platforms under two brands to pass along information:

1) “Who’s Judging?”    our podcast

2) “By All Greens”        our YouTube & blog

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Learn more with Connor


Read our blog “By All Greens” to get a unique view on veganism!

We Strive to Inform

We use research, entertainment, and creativity to educate people on veganism and environmental issues in a captivating and impactful way.


Our podcast is a way for us to teach using audio.


Our YouTube channel is a visual vehicle to educate watchers.


Our blog is a way for us to inform readers using written word.

Our Guarantee

100% Commitment

At Vindivi, we are dedicated to informing and equipping you with the necessary resources. As your trusted partner, we prioritize adapting to your evolving needs and providing dependable support.

With Love

Treating others with love is one of our fundamental values. We understand the challenges that come with this journey and strive to avoid being pushy or judgmental.


We are committed to creating a guide that is not only comprehensive but also easily understandable and highly beneficial to you.


We assure you that all the information we present as factual is based on the best of our knowledge and is accurate.

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